Content marketing strategy

Solutions in different formats, multiple devices and differents digital platform. 



and Communication

Communication and planning
What to communicate 

In what language, format;

In what channels.
And be in tune with our users

Multimedia design and Content Marketing

Innovative formats and styles
For multiple devices
and  in different digital platforms



 Digital marketing

and Social media strategy.

Content to spread on different platforms. 
Traffic and interaction in the
 Google search engine serves.
Attract new users. And 
generate presence, interaction and  dialogue.


Content  Information, Communication and Journalism

  • About what? Research, verification and veracity

  • In what language? Spanish, English

  • For whom? Academic, informal, neutral, news, scientific

  • Format: radio, newspaper, television, video, websites

  • Platforms: Website, Social Media, Blogs, mail campaign, youtube channels, Vimeo, etc.

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Be close to your users and captivate new customers. 
Innovative design.  Content in different formats, languages and styles. Adapt them to multiple platforms. 

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Multimedia Design


Funtional identity

 Multiple devices 

 App design


Interactive design for multimedia campaigns.

Content marketing strategy in multiple formats and devices.

When you want and where you want to be

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 Digital  marketing strategy 

Do you want better results to promote your services,

products or your brand?

Choose the best moment to spread your products.  

Engage new customer and evaluate the results.

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€0,00 Special Campaing Marketing Multimedia CMS
€0,00 Special Campaing Multimedia design Website CMS
€0,00 To user Marketing Multimedia multiformat
€0,00 To user Marketing Multimedia multiformat

Mariana Isadora Rodriguez

I am extroverted, optimistic and creative. 
I like to investigate and know new digital tools and applications that can be used to facilitate the daily life of users.
I am able to plan events and actions in the long or short term. Compare and evaluate the results.
I am flexible and adapt quickly to different scenarios and new strategies.
I like to work with universal languages, common and collective interests.
I enjoy working in multimedia design and communication because I can present the same message in different formats. And adapt them to different technical supports. 
My challenges are to make communication interesting, dynamic, interactive and participative.


My story in a few lines


I was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. I lived, studied and worked in different countries and  cities. I learned to adapt to the

constant geographical, economic, political, social, cultural and personal changes. I love to communicate in all possible ways.

And it is on this path that I am discovering tools. Communication is my choice of life and my philosophy.


The word


In art,  I found tools to build stories for  the listener, the audience. I discovered how to play with the imaginary,

how to interact with them, break the silence, provoke, awaken.

In the mime-theatre the only tool is the body. And it is an interesting game to be able to say the unspeakable without  a word. And the message is constructed in a sequence of actions. Then the word is an action.


The stories


In journalism, I began to read underlines, research, seduce from the language, create a personality in writing. I learned to investigate and transmit. Then I understood contexts, cultural values, emerging policies, social needs.

I understood the power of the word, the symbols and languages. And  I worked with news in different formats, styles and intentions. The news is stories. And history is written by those who win.




Communication is action at a precise point. Time is a tyrant and the changes going one after the other without pause. Quick, short, precise readings. Words have borders and last only seconds. As Antonio Machado wrote, a Spanish poet; - "Walker there is no way. The path is made by walking."- In the face of new needs, new tools. With Multimedia design I got new skills to enrich the communication and interaction with codes, symbols, languages, formats, interests, supports, etc. This is a challenge that I enjoy and I learn.




We also need strategies, flexibility, creativity, exchange and constant research. Digital marketing is a new challenge that I add to my communication path. To offer competitive content on different platforms and media. To measure impacts, correct errors, sharpen the aim and get closer to our target audience. Your question will be my motivation and part of this new journey.





  • 2017- Digital marketing course, Bigum &   Co academy Skanderborg. Denmark


  • 2017- 2015 Multimedia Design and communication, Content Marketing.  AP Degree. Business Academy, Aarhus, Danmark.


  • 2012 Up Grade, Globalization. Consumer in America Latina. Argentine Center of Scientific and Technological Information, CONICET.


  • 2005- 1998 Theatre and dance. Bernal School of Mime Theatre. Academy Archundi and  Leguizamón. Argentina.


  • 1998-1991 Journalism and Social Communication. La Plata, National University, Argentina.


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